Dutch education for your childeren, all over the world!

When moving abroad with children, a lot of preparation has to be done. The Wereldschool offers all possible sorts of support concerning the education of your children, keeping in mind our most important advice: have your children take Dutch language classes!

Since 1948, the Wereldschool provides remote Dutch education, which it developed in the colonial Dutch Indies but has now expanded to more than 120 countries worldwide. This education takes place instead of or alongside the local or international school. Why? Without Dutch education, your child will soon fall behind in their Dutch language: their vocabulary and writing capabilities develop less or not at all, and problems might develop upon the child’s return to standard education in the Netherlands.

What sets the Wereldschool apart?


  • Multiple points of entry throughout the year, and a flexible pace of learning
  • Recognized school since 1948 and accessible anywhere in the world
  • Above-average results because of personal supervision and individual instruction
  • The choice of online education, or with paper-based materials
  • Professional advice, before departure and after return
  • Education starting at pre-kindergarten age, until:

- Final examination of primary school

- State examinations for secondary educational levels VMBO-TL, HAVO of VWO

- International IB examination in Dutch


It goes without saying that the Wereldschool, officially recognized by the Ministry of Education and the Dutch Educational Inspection Agency, works exactly as you would expect a standard school to work. Just like any other school in the Netherlands, the Wereldschool provides you with school reports, CITO tests, educational plans and remedial teaching.

The Wereldschool in the Netherlands

Since 2011, the Wereldschool has been running a separate department for education in the Netherlands IVIO@School. IVIO@School was specifically set up to service students and in order to tailor their school environment. For more information about the possibilities, and for contact information, please consult www.ivioschool.nl.