Cooperation with ‘NTC Schools’ (Dutch language and culture schools abroad)

The Wereldschool enjoys working with NTC Schools (Dutch language and culture schools abroad), in order to allow the NTC Schools to offer as broad a range of education as possible. This is also possible on a small scale, according to local needs. Together with an agreed-upon contact person at the Wereldschool, a cooperative relationship can be set up through which additional material is available from the Wereldschool when desired. In this way, it is possible to educate children at a NTC School from pre-kindergarten until the final examination of secondary education through Wereldschool materials; it is also possible, however, to use Wereldschool materials for specific purposes only.

NTC teacher available, but still interested in the Wereldschool?

If there is a certified teacher available at the local NTC School, the choice can still be made to make use of the Wereldschool materials. In this way, no lesson plans will have to be developed, and the teacher can rely on lesson plans developed by the professionals and educational experts of the Wereldschool. You will be completely sure that the education provided at the NTC School is 100% compatible with the standard Dutch education back home

By cooperating with the Wereldschool, the NTC School can also make use of our web-based pupil monitoring system. Here, the progression of all students is entered into the system, and you will be able to track the progress and development of all your students in one convenient location.

No NTC teacher available?

Have you had a registration for a grade at your NTC School, for which you don’t have a teacher available? There is a possibility for cooperation with the Wereldschool. In this way, you are sure you can provide education for this student or that particular grade, regardless of whether there is a teacher available or not. The student will benefit from using Wereldschool materials, in combination with mentoring from an official teacher based at the Wereldschool. This teacher will assist the student on a remote basis.

In secondary education, you will create an educational plan alongside the student and a Wereldschool teacher, and you will personally be able to guide the student in pursuing this plan throughout the year. In primary education, you can teach the student yourself using lesson plans developed for you personally. Next to this, you will be guided remotely by a certified Wereldschool teacher, who will mentor and support you and the student

The Wereldschool teacher will correct tests, and gives feedback to ensure educational goals are reached. You will still have access to our web-based pupil monitoring system, so that you will always have an accurate insight into the progress of your student.

In this way, you are certain of offering a broad range of educational possibilities in your local area!


Contact us at +31(0)320 229927, or click at the button. We would be pleased to further inform you about the possibilities, and fees of the different services.