Dutch classes

Living abroad is a fantastic opportunity for your child to learn another language. But it is also important that your child maintains their Dutch language. Speaking Dutch at home is not sufficient, and your child might soon fall behind in their language development as much as several months. That is why it is important for you to ensure they have access to a professional program to maintain their Dutch language, thereby allowing them to enter standard Dutch education at the appropriate level upon their return to the Netherlands. This is possible at home, using programs developed by the Wereldschool. Below you will find an overview of the possibilities:

Dutch programs:

We offer primary and secondary education programs in three variations:

Dutch Online package

Your child follows Dutch classes online. They will work independently with assignments, movies en digital tests. You can watch the clip with information about Dutch Online here:

The extra service mentioned in the Dutch Complete package also applies to the Dutch Online package. If you would like to see how it works online, please feel free to request a demonstrative account at info@wereldschool.nl!

Dutch Complete package

This educational package works with physical teaching materials. These books are also used in Dutch schools in the Netherlands. The package is based on the text- and workbooks from an accredited teaching method. You will receive a step-by-step manual that walks you and/or your child through the classes in detail.
At the primary education level, you will guide your child through the classes. A remote Wereldschool teacher will support and coach you. As your child gets older, they will work more independently. At the secondary education level, your child will work independently with the manuals and textbooks. As a parent you assume a coaching role. The Wereldschool teacher, based in the Netherlands, is responsible for answering questions, grading of homework and tests, and providing help and advice.

The Dutch Complete package contains teaching materials, as well as personal guidance by a Wereldschool teacher in the Netherlands using our web-based pupil monitoring system. The following materials are also included:

  • A set of reading books
  • Five Skype/telephone sessions with your Wereldschool teacher
  • Remedial teaching materials if necessary (free of charge)
  • Level tests when leaving from/returning to the Netherlands (free of charge)
  • 50% discount on the book ‘Op reis naar Anderland’ (‘Traveling to Otherland’)
  • 10% discount on other courses (in addition to Dutch language classes)

Dutch Basic package

This teaching package contains the same physical materials (textbooks and manuals) as the Complete Dutch package. If you choose this Dutch Basic package, you will receive these physical materials as well as the guidance of a Wereldschool teacher in the Netherlands, through our web-based pupil monitoring system. Reading books that belong to the compulsory program are included. Not included are the Skype/telephone sessions, the discounts, and other services.


The appointed qualified Wereldschool teacher will personally get in touch with a new student to get acquainted and to discuss the start of the classes. With the guidance of this teacher, you will go through the classes with your child. Further remote guidance is made possible through our web-based pupil monitoring system. This system includes a messaging system, of which you can make use to send in homework and tests and ask unlimited questions. The system also registers the progress of the child. You will also receive a monthly progress report, so that you are always up-to-date. The Wereldschool makes use of a flexible schedule for the classes. This flexibility ensures that you can work at your own pace, at the right knowledge level for your child. Together with the teacher you can discuss and create a schedule that fits your specific situation.

Not only Dutch language?

In addition to the Dutch classes, the Wereldschool offers all other subjects for primary and secondary education. For more information for complete educational packages, visit the web pages relating to primary and secondary education.