Emigration package (6-14 years old)

The Wereldschool offers a language program for Dutch children who have moved abroad. Without regular and structural Dutch language classes, these children will forget the language quickly. With this package, children between 6 and 14 years old will be able to maintain and develop their Dutch playfully. This package is more creative and less intense than the regular primary education package.

Take note!

The emigration package offers a structural way in which to maintain and develop the Dutch language, but it is not a replacement of the regular Dutch language package of the Wereldschool. It is not possible to progress to the secondary education package after the completion of part 6. If you want to keep the possibility open for your child to enter standard Dutch education at a later age, then we advise you to choose the primary education package.

Entry level

The emigration package consists of 6 parts. Your child will start with the part appropriate to their level. The Wereldschool offers a free test to determine your child’s level. Please click the link to download a free copy of the test.
To start with part 1 of the test, your child does not have to be able to read and write. The child does need a limited Dutch vocabulary, as well as to speak and understand Dutch. Should your child have no basic understand at all and is below 7 years old, it is possible for them to start with group 2 of the primary education package and then move on to the emigration package. However, there is a maximum age with which to start parts 1 or 2 of the emigration package. For part 1, your child has to be below 9 years old, and for part 2, below 10 years old.


In part 1, the material introduces all Dutch language sounds. Children learn to read simple words and sentences, and start to learn to write. Part 2 is meant for children who are familiar with Dutch sounds and are able to write and read simple words and sentences. In this part, children learn to spell more complicated words, and will start to read at a higher level. In parts 3 to 6, the language competency is developed. Spelling words and verbs is central, coupled with challenging language exercises and more difficult reading books. These parts also spend time on Dutch history and culture. All parts include tests. Using these tests, the development of the child is monitored and it is checked whether they understand the material enough to progress to the next part, or whether certain assignments have to be repeated.

Each part consists of 72 lessons. With a workload of about two hours per week, children can learn the Dutch language and improve their language competency in a structural manner. Several of the exercises can be used separately from the planned lessons.


The emigration package stimulates the independence of children. The first two parts require the guidance of parents, who explain and work together with the child on exercises. As children progress, they are able to fulfill the assignments more independently. If there are questions, the Wereldschool teacher is always available to answer them. They will also check the tests.