I am going abroad

The Wereldschool supports you in organizing appropriate education for your children abroad. In this way, you will be certain everything is well organized. We offer the following services:

  • Advice about maintaining the Dutch language. 
  • Preparatory language courses.
  • Social-emotional preparation via ‘Anderland’ (‘Otherland’) books.
    • Advice about local and international schools.
      We look closely at the specific education available in the country you are moving to, as well as the specific area and/or city. In combination with the possibilities offered by your assignment or specific travel plans of you and your child, we will issue a tailor-made advice about the appropriate and recommendable education. If you so wish, we will seek contact with the chosen school and help you with the registration process.
  • Help with registration and entrance exams required for international schools.
  • Translation of transcripts and reports.
  • Information about the Compulsory Educational Law.
  • Level testing.
    In case you are uncertain about the educational level of (or appropriate grade for) your child, the Wereldschool has special testing available. We offer accredited testing for primary education up until (and including) class 4 of secondary education. After the test has been taken and processed, you will receive a report with advice and the appropriate educational level for your child. Additionally, we can perform more in-depth testing (for dyslexia, or intelligence in the form of an IQ test).
  • Handy tips and websites.

Informational meeting

In order to properly assist you with the aforementioned issues, feel free to contact us or visit us at our offices for an (informal) informational meeting.

Open days

Do you want to have a look at our educational material, or find out general information concerning the Wereldschool? You are welcome to join us for one of your open days.