IB Dutch language A (self-taught)

Is there no teacher at your local international school, who can help your child do a final examination in Dutch language? Then it is possible for you child to take up the IB Dutch Language A through the Wereldschool. Your child will do a self-taught course, guided remotely by a Wereldschool teacher. You can read more information about the program and the content here.

In the two years scheduled for this subject, the student has to read 10 (fiction) books of different periods, genres, and styles. Two books can be world literature (translated into Dutch), and eight books will have been written in Dutch originally. All books must be read in Dutch. The list of books will be composed in consultation, according to the guidelines of the IB. The books form the literary heart of the program. The two years of study are divided into eleven modules. As preparation for this program, the student is required to have finished the pre-IB Dutch or VWO class 4 (in Dutch) successfully.


Since September 2013, the Wereldschool offers a preparatory course for the IB (pre-IB). Pre-IB is comparable to VWO class 4 in educational level, but the emphasis on writing and literature is greater. The goal is the smooth transition to the IB Dutch. This preparatory course is also available after the last year of the IB Middle Years Program (MYP), which similarly ends before class 3 (or American grade 9).


For each weekly task of the IB program, three to four hours is needed. At most international schools, special slots are reserved for this in the daily roster. The workload in the entire (educational) year is around 150 hours.


Every two weeks, the student is required to send in their work. The Wereldschool teachers offers comments and feedback, and may also assign extra work in order to close up any gaps in the knowledge or ability of the student, which may develop in the field of writing or text comprehension. Additionally, questions which may develop during the homework will be answered by the teacher. Next to this, several Skype sessions are planned in with the teacher, as preparation for the final examination. The Wereldschool advises to start to IB program at the same time (around September) as starting the local international school’s school-year. If you would like to start after this (after October), it is best to contact the Wereldschool about the altered study plan. Each international school (usually) has a self-taught program coordinator. The Wereldschool teacher will keep in touch with this coordinator; he or she will also be able to provide more information about the IB program.