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Nederlands onderwijs in het buitenland!

Sommige dingen zijn typisch Nederlands. U kent ze wel: de geur van warme rookworst en erwtensoep, het genot van hagelslag op een sneetje witbrood, de eerste hap verse, zoute haring van het voorjaar. Het is mooi en belangrijk een stukje Nederland aan uw kind mee te blijven geven, ook wanneer u zelf niet meer in Nederland woont. IVIO-Wereldschool biedt verreweg het beste onderwijs voor uw kind.


  • Volledig basis en voortgezet onderwijs
  • Diploma op vmbo-tl, havo of vwo niveau;
  • Starten of instromen op elk moment;
  • Flexibel studietempo;
  • Online en klassiek lesmateriaal mogelijk;
  • Overal ter wereld te volgen;
  • Persoonlijk contact met onze docenten.


Vindt op deze pagina een overzicht van de lesprogramma’s en pakketten die IVIO-Wereldschool u aanbiedt. Vraag meer informatie aan, laat u terugbellen voor een gratis oriëntatiegesprek of neem zelf contact met ons op.

Lesprogramma's IVIO-Wereldschool

Dutch primary education
The period of primary education is very important for a child’s knowledge of the Netherlands and the Dutch language, also when he or she is staying abroad. In this period your child will build a foundation for his or her general development, vocabulary and grammar. That’s why IVIO-Wereldschool offers your child Dutch education from a distance. Your child will follow the same courses as his or her peers in the Netherlands, such as arithmetic, history, geography, natural & physical science, drawing & handicrafts, English and French. To provide a full teaching package, your child will also have a supervising mentor and will undertake (CITO) tests.
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Dutch secondary education
IVIO-Wereldschool also offers secondary education from a distance. Your child will follow the same courses as his or her peers in the Netherlands, such as Dutch, English, French, German, history, geography, biology, physics & chemistry, mathematics and economics. In the upper level of secondary education your child will choose a sector (vmbo-tl) or a profile (havo/vwo). The full teaching package also includes a supervising mentor and an exam coordinator for additional support. Through this, IVIO-Wereldschool educates your child for the state examination.
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Dutch language course

It is very important that your child to maintains or learns the Dutch language well. This will enable your son or daughter to keep in touch with family at home. As you will likely know, the Dutch language is difficult and can become watered down within just a few months. The danger could then arise that your child will have a language deficiency. IVIO-Wereldschool therefore offers teaching packages for your child, enabling him or her to study the Dutch language at home, anywhere and at any time. In this way, your child or grandchild can keep developing in the Dutch language.

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Pre-kindergarten package
When you are staying abroad with young children for a long period of time, it is important that they stay in touch with the Netherlands and the Dutch language in an entertaining way. IVIO-Wereldschool offers your young children a creative way of keeping their knowledge up to standard. Your child will keep in touch with its mother tongue and fatherland in a playful way through things such as educational games, reading books and crafting and development material.
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Dutch as a second language

You may have various reasons for wanting your child to learn the Dutch language. Maybe, because it is your mother tongue, to make the communication with relatives in the Netherlands easier, or because your children will eventually want to study in the Netherlands. The completely new NT2 package (Dutch as a second language) offered by IVIO-Wereldschool provides Dutch language classes for children who have not yet mastered the language. Your child will be taught via Skype by a Dutch language teacher and you will be requested to coach your child with the homework. It really is the best way to teach Dutch as a second or additional language.

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International School (IB-Dutch)

Your child would like to learn the Dutch language at an international school. Some international schools, however, do not teach this as a subject. IVIO-Wereldschool offers an appropriate teaching package in these cases as well. It provides your child with the opportunity to learn the Dutch language by him or herself at that international school, while being guided from a distance by a subject teacher.

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