Language courses

A language course contributes to a fast acclimatization to the new life abroad. In some places, a certain proficiency in the local language is a requirement for admission to the new school. It also builds the self-confidence of your child if they are able to communicate with their peers directly. We will advise you which language course is most suited to your child’s age, and which level they should attempt to attain. We offer the following possibilities:

  • Home-based course for children, ‘Ga op stap met...' (‘Take a journey with...’)

The language course ‘Ga op stap met...' (‘Take a journey with...’) is a fun, low-threshold course for your child (7-12 years). It is available in the languages English, German, French and Spanish. Each language course has a manual, in which various exercises are further explained. The course has been developed in a way to allow someone who has a very basic understanding of the language being taught to give instruction. Your child will learn the basics of the language in several playful classes. You are free to choose how many hours a week to spend on the material. In total, and dependent on the pace of learning, the course lasts around two to three months.

  • Language course with a teacher

We also offer intensive language courses, taught by a teacher at your home (or at a location of choice). The language courses are meant for children or adults who are moving abroad, and who require a more intensive preparatory language course. This might be the case if the language is totally unknown and new, or because an entry-level language proficiency is required for admittance to an international school. These courses are organized by the Wereldschool, in cooperation with a specialized language school. This language school reserves teachers for instruction of Wereldschool children. These courses will always start with an intake meeting at the family’s home. This first meeting allows the teacher to assess the situation, in order to properly adapt to the envisioned goals and needs. The course materials are tailor-made for the family or child participating in the course. Depending on the course and material used, multimedia might also be employed. This course ensures a maximized performance and return. All teachers employed by the language school and the Wereldschool posses a certification of good conduct and a clean civil record.

Would you like to request a language course?

You can request a language course using our order form.

To be able to properly advise you regarding a language course we will probably require more information. We will contact you after your initial registration to discuss everything with you.