Dutch for secondary education

In secondary education, the Wereldschool offers Dutch on three levels:

  • vmbo-tl
  • havo
  • vwo

The Wereldschool uses the method ‘Nieuw Nederlands’ in secondary education. Students can choose between a package online, or a physical package with study books and a paper manual.

VMBO-TL is divided into 4 years, HAVO into 5 years, and VWO can be completed in 6 years. The subject Dutch can be completed with a Dutch state examination. The workload is around 3 hours per week.

In order to return to standard Dutch secondary education, or in order to be accepted onto a further studies course, it is essential to maintain the Dutch language. Many further studies in Dutch require a high a level of Dutch.

Guidance and testing

In secondary education, the students work independently and communicate directly with the Wereldschool teacher. The parents are expected to fulfill a coaching and monitoring role. They will receive a monthly development report. The student will send in a monthly midway test and chapter test. Additionally, they are required to complete several writing assignments and book reports, to be handed in to their teacher.

In class 1 and 2, all students are required to take a standardized test in April or May. Using this test, we monitor the development of the student.

International school

Your child will be able to complete the subject Dutch through the Wereldschool at different levels, alongside their schooling at an international school abroad. Will your child be doing an IB degree at their international school? Then your child will be able to start the pre-IB course for Dutch in class 4.