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Emigration media

  • VertrekNL (magazine)
    VertrekNL is a major (quarterly) magazine for everyone emigrating or dreaming of emigrating abroad. It consists of more than 80 pages of exclusive reports and articles concerning emigrating, expats, experts and well-known Dutch people abroad. VertrekNL also publishes an online newsletter www.vertreknl.nl.
  • WereldMagazine (online, free)
    Special publication for Dutch people abroad. This digital newsletter is specially designed for optimal use on a desktop, laptop, tablet and smart-phone: www.wereldmagazine.nl.
  • NRC De Week (weekly newspaper) 
    NRC de Week is a compact weekly newspaper, issues by NRC Handelsblad, for readers living outside of the Netherlands. With this weekly edition, you will stay up-to-date with news in the Netherlands and read about world news from a Dutch perspective: abonnementen.nrc.nl/de-week abonnementen.nrc.nl/de-week.
  • Grenzenloos Magazine (online, free)
    Twelve times a year – the last Friday of each month – this website issues a free newsletter for future emigrants, expats, and second-home owners. The newsletter is full of personal stories, tips, and the latest news concerning living and working abroad. The newsletter is available, for free, online 24/7 www.grenzenloos.nl.
  • Emigreermagazine (online, free)
    Emigreermagazine is a free, online magazine for emigrants www.emigreermagazine.nl.

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