Pre-Kindergarten package

For the youngest children, between two to four years old, the Wereldschool has a pre-kindergarten package. Working with Dutch language through educational games, creative activities and being read to prepares children for the ‘real’ learning. This will prevent them starting group 1 unprepared. This package is also meant as an informational package, and includes a lot of advice. Additionally, it includes an activity book, entitled ‘Voorsprong’ (‘Head Start’), which will introduce and practice Dutch vocabulary in a playful manner. For children living in abroad, this offers the parents a structural manner in which to introduce Dutch vocabulary and make them familiar with the language. The package also includes several reading books, game material, handicraft materials, developmental material, and an information manual for parents.


The activities of the pre-kindergarten package will take up about one hour every day. Divide the various exercises and reading moments across the day, or introduce them during a time of day when your child is already at play.