Remote Primary Education

The Wereldschool offers primary education for all groups and grades. In this, we follow the primary goals and reference level 1F, as indicated by the Dutch government.

  • If you move abroad and there is no good school available locally, you can make use of the complete educational program of the Wereldschool. Your child can take up the same subjects as their peers in the Netherlands, from home.
  • Our programs might also be a solution for you if you decide to travel with your children. In this case, we recommend taking up (at the very least) Dutch language, comprehensive reading, writing and mathematics.
  • Of course, loose subjects are also available as an addition to local education. This might be a solution if the level of local education is low, your child requires more of an education challenge than is available locally, or when you would like to prepare your child for their return to the Netherlands.

At the moment, we offer the following subjects and programs:

  • Dutch language: ‘Schatkist’ (‘Treasure Chest’, groups 1-2), ‘Veilig Leren Lezen’ (‘Learning to Read Safely’, group 3), and ‘Taal op Maat’ (‘Tailored Language’, groups 4-8)
  • Developmental areas: (identified as language, arithmetic, and social-emotional development, for groups 1-2)
  • Arithmetic: ‘Wizwijs’ (‘Math Wiz’, groups 3-8)
  • Comprehensive reading: ‘Lezen in Beeld’ (‘Look at Reading’, groups 4-8)
  • Writing: ‘Schrijven in de Basisschool’ (‘Writing in Primary School’, groups 3-5)
  • Geography: ‘De Blauwe Planeet’ (‘The Blue Planet’, groups 5-8)
  • History: ‘Speurtocht’ (‘Treasure Hunt’, groups 4-8)
  • Natural and Physical Science: ‘Natuniek’ (groups 3-8)
  • English: ‘Real English’ (groups 7-8)
  • French: ‘Bonjour les enfants’ (groups 7-8)
  • Music
  • Drawing and Handicrafts


Each subject comes with the textbooks and workbooks of the specific educational program, supplemented by a manual for the parent responsible for guiding their child, as well as digital materials. Additionally, the Wereldschool will send support material, such as arithmetic-notepads, regular notepads, and technical material.

The manual has been specially developed by the Wereldschool and helps you and your child move through the educational materials. Additionally, you will receive guidance from a Wereldschool teacher. At the start, an informal meet-and-greet will take place via Skype. Next to this, further remote guidance is made possible through our web-based pupil monitoring system. You will receive the login information after your registration. You will be able to ask questions of the Wereldschool teacher at any time. You will send any assignments and CITO tests to this teacher every month. The Wereldschool teacher will provide you with feedback, log your child’s results in the pupil monitoring system, and analyze the progress of your child.

Expected time and schedule

A complete package will take up between 16 and 20 hours a week. At a younger age, in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, you will spend about 10 hours a week on playful educational activities.