Sectors vmbo-tl

The Wereldschool offer VMBO-TL in class 4, in the following sectors:

  • Health care and well-being
  • Technical education
  • Economics
  • Agriculture

For an oversight of the required subjects and optional subjects of each sector, download the overview. The Wereldschool would be pleased to advise you about the best subject choice.

Sector Choice

When registering for VMBO class 4, your child is required to choose a sector. It is important to make the right choice, which can be tough especially when choosing from abroad. For some further study courses, it is recommendable or even required to have taken subjects from a certain sector. In order to assist your child in their choice, the Wereldschool offers ‘Information Sector Choice’ in class 3.

Sector Project

The sector project is a mandatory part of the state examination in class 4. The students have to complete a project about a socially relevant subject, befitting the professional world of the sector they have chosen. Upon registration in class 4, you choose the subject ‘Sector Project’, and your child will indicate within which subject they would like to conduct the project. Using a manual and guidance from a Wereldschool teacher, your child will start work on the project.

Two copies of the project will have to be sent to DUO before 1 May, after which the student is required to complete an oral poster presentation about their project.

At the same as completing the sector project, your child will complete a report concerning their attitude in regards to learning and working. This is also a mandatory part of the state examinations. The manner in which this report is to be completed is described in the manual of the sector project. The teacher guiding the student in completing the project will also guide them in the completion of this report.