The best distance learning for expat children

As an employer in a company that operates globally, you are dealing with employees who temporarily go abroad as expats. In many of these cases the family joins the employee, including the school-age children. As an employer or HR manager, you want to ensure that this transition runs as smoothly as possible in order to make the relocation a success. In this way the employee will be able to fully commit to the new challenges: living and working abroad. However, what is the best solution for the school-age children regarding education? What kind of education do they have to follow in order to re-enter the Dutch school system when returning to the Netherlands?

We can help you out! The Wereldschool offers study programs, which are ideal for (temporary) home schooling and which are on the same educational level as the regular education in the Netherlands. By choosing Wereldschool you take away another concern for you and your employee. We would like to get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities.
We have worked together with several different companies, such as Shell and the Department of Defense. Do you want to know what we can do for your company? Follow the steps on the page for companies.

More than distance learning

The Wereldschool has been offering Dutch distance learning for 70 years, both to children living abroad permanently and temporarily. Nowadays, 1000 students across 109 countries follow our education. Moreover, we are the only school that offers distance learning for the entire primary and secondary education, up to the state exams of vmbo-tl, havo and vwo.
Together with your employee you can choose a study program that fits well into the situation of the family living abroad. In addition to complete study programs, we also offer separate subjects or just the subject Dutch on itself. The latter is ideal in situations where the education is of the same quality as in the Netherlands. Local education can be followed, but the subject Dutch is being followed at the Wereldschool.

To offer all the professional help that is needed we look beyond education on itself. Our educationalists can help your employees with all kind of educational issues and questions.
Furthermore, we distinguish ourselves by the following services:

  • Consultation free of charge
  • If desired, a presentation at your office
  • Information days at the Wereldschool
  • Prepatory language classes
  • Level tests
  • Advice on schools
  • Remedial Teaching (RT) possibilities
  • Guidance when returning to the Netherlands
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Across 109 countries in the world!

Why choosing Wereldschool?

The Wereldschool is not just an institution on itself, we are also affiliated with the NOB foundation; the network of Dutch education worldwide which is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Moreover, the Wereldschool is recognized by this ministry as an official school. This implies that all reports and such are legally valid.

Wereldschool was founded 70 years ago, which means that it has built up an enormous network over the years, including a large number of Dutch schools that are associated with the subsidiary IVIO@School. IVIO@School is responsible for students in the Netherlands and for this reason works together with hundreds of schools. We gratefully make use of this network and their shared knowledge, so that we can give you the best possible advice.

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Information box Wereldschool

Do you want to know more about the Wereldschool? Click on the link below, fill out the form and you will receive the information box for free. This box contains a lot of relevant information, and fun gadgets about the Wereldschool and home schooling which you can share with your employees.

Get in touch with us

Are you curious what the Wereldschool can do for you and your employees? The information below shows you how to get in touch with our Sales and Relationship manager Henk Stoel who can give an answer to all your questions and who can discuss the possibilities with you.

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