I am already living abroad

During your stay abroad, or if you have already been living abroad for some time, we can assist you with the following services:

  • Dutch classes
    By providing your children with Dutch classes, you will prevent them falling behind in their Dutch language development. Additionally, you make it possible for your children to continue their education in the Netherlands. You will be able to pass on and maintain your mother tongue in your children, and facilitate their communication with family back home. Read more here.
  • Complete (remote) Dutch education
    Remote Dutch education might be an option for you if you intend to stay abroad for a short or limited time, or if there is no local educational solution or school available. Additionally, this package allows your child to finish their education or school year abroad, if necessary. It might also be useful for some families to choose only one or two separate subjects, in order to facilitate the eventual return to a standard Dutch school. The Wereldschool offers solutions and packages for both primary and secondary education.
  • Level testing
    If you would like to find out how your child is progressing in comparison to their peers in the Netherlands, it might be useful for you request a level testing. In this way, you can keep track of your child’s progress. These tests are also conducted to determine which grade is appropriate for your child when they start the Wereldschool. You will receive a comprehensive report, which includes tailored advice.
  • Remedial teaching
    Should your child be faced with problems relating to their education in language, mathematics, or any other subject, the Wereldschool teacher will be able to offer extra assistance to the child as well as their parents. Several teachers have specialized, and will be able to assist you professionally. Our educational specialists will be able to diagnose the problem of your child, and set up a treatment plan with goals and appropriate materials. One of the possibilities of this plan includes in-depth testing. If the problem is more structural, we will be able to offer remedial teaching online, in cooperation with ‘Mijn Superkracht’ (‘My Superpower’).


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