Dutch for primary education (4 -12 years old)

During primary education, children learn the basics of the Dutch language. With the packages of the Wereldschool you can offer your child the same basics abroad. They will benefit from this their entire life.

In all of the grades, you have the choice of Dutch language online (with digital instruction and tests), or a physical package with books and a paper manual.

Groups 1and 2

The Wereldschool offers a package meant for the development of the Dutch language. This package employs the method ‘Schatkist’. Speaking and reading Dutch at home is not enough to maintain an appropriate level of vocabulary in the language while abroad. This package also offers important auditory competencies, which are used in learning to read in group 3. Everything is included in our kindergarten package: vocabulary, competencies, sound awareness, story telling, reading aloud. You complete 10 activities a week in a playful manner with your child. This takes up about two hours a week

Group 3

In the subject Dutch (language/reading) in group 3, children learn to read and spell words and sentences. The Wereldschool uses the method ‘Veilig Leren Lezen’. Because the basics are taught in group 3, is it very important you do all the activities and repeat them often. The package also includes extra reading books with which to practice. If your child is also learning to read in another language, it is advisable to leave about 4 to 6 months between the learning to read in the two languages. If not, some sounds might become confusing. Dutch will take up more time in group 3 than in other (higher) grades: on average, 4.5 hours per week. It is possible to choose a different pace of learning, in consultation with your Wereldschool teacher.

Groups 4-8

Language and spelling is offered using the methods ‘Taal op Maat’. Your child will learn grammar, extra vocabulary, writing and all of the spelling rules throughout the years. In groups 4 to 8, the subject Dutch will take up about 3 to 4 hours a week, spread over 32 weeks. It is possible to choose a different pace of learning, in consultation with your Wereldschool teacher.

Guidance ands tests

Through (remote) guidance by a qualified Wereldschool teacher, your child will complete the lessons. The teacher monitors the child’s progress, and will check assignments and tests. You will receive feedback through our web-based pupil monitoring system. As your child gets older, they will be able to do the lessons more independently.

All packages include the appropriate CITO tests. Using these standardized tests, your child will be compared to peers in the Netherlands. The teacher will provide feedback regarding the tests, and offer extra help and guidance if needed.