Social-emotional preparation

Moving abroad can be somewhat of an exciting (but nerve-wracking) time for children. Some children see it as an adventure, while other children are nervous. During our advisory meeting, we will give you tips on how to deal with this. The Wereldschool also has special books for children on this subject. Order them here.

'Otherland books'

The reading books and workbooks ‘Off to Otherland’ (up to the age of 12) and ‘Otherland mail’ (from the age of 12) focus on children that are moving abroad. It offers them the opportunity to prepare emotionally and practically for this big change. Aspects such as friends, family, and toys are discussed. Alongside tips to use the time leading up to the departure as effectively as possible, the books also spend time on issues such as saying goodbye, undertaking a long journey, and starting afresh in a country with other customs and cultures. The writer also added a calendar, which children can use to plan their time up to the departure as effectively as possible.

After the busy moving period, the next phase begins: putting down roots in a new environment. This period of adjustment is not easy for children. The book ‘The secret of Otherland’ helps children during a time in which they have to get used to a new country. What is life in another culture, usually using another and unknown language, supposed to look like, and how can you best deal with it? This reading book and workbook helps children to feel at home in a new country step-by-step.

The interactive nature of these books is complemented by colorful illustrations. This is a great gift for children, and is designed so beautifully that it is almost a shame to work in them!


The fees are € 24,50 per book. This includes administrative as well as shipping costs in the Netherlands. When the invoice has been settled, the book will be sent to you. If you order two books, you will only pay € 44,-.